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Sudosuke” is my version of Max Maven’s modern Mentalism classic –  “Kurotsuke.” This has been a part of my professional performing repertoire since 1999, and is a “real world” routine designed for workers. 

 The premise of “Kurotsuke” is simple. 
Five stones (or balls) are displayed and then dropped into a bag. Four of them are the same colour – one is different. Now, five different participants each reach in and remove any stone they wish keeping it hidden in their fist. 
Your job is to divine who has the one that’s different – which of course, you do!  So how is this different?  
Well for starters five DIFFERENT coloured stones are used. That’s right – each is a different colour!  

Five participants each remove one and keep it hidden in their hand just as in the original. A sixth participant merely THINKS of one the five colours…  Not only do you not know who has what colour, but you also don’t know what colour is being thought of either! 
Despite these impossible conditions, you are still able to reveal not only the “thought-of” colour, but also which person is holding the coloured stone that matches it! 
 A double impossibility! 

 This routine also features an entirely new presentational premise that is a major departure from the way it is usually presented and opens up many doors for exploration. In addition, the one main weakness in Max’s original method has been eliminated as well!  

And finally, for the “propless” crowd, there is a bonus section in the back where I feature some new work on an old principle (not used in Sudosuke, but could be if desired) that is perfect for impromptu mentalism performances with borrowed objects, as well as several ideas for ways you can play around with it. 

 No gimmicks whatsoever  
 Zero forces  
Participant really does have a free choice of any of the five colours to mentally choose from  
No questions or ambiguities  
No CT’s, Peeks, or any of that nonsense whatsoever

I have to say that I really like this as well. And I really think it opens up the use of Max's classic routine to be able to add all kinds of new presentation opportunities (readings) and you can actually use the fact that the person is choosing different colors to collect all kinds of different information (star sign elements among others) as a bonus of just performing the basic routine. Creative people could really put this routine to work! Glad to see Sudo is sharing his knack for simplicity with us.

This is simply brilliant. No exaggeration. The delayed potential abrupt ending is beautifully addressed, allowing for a graceful and logical landing. This, along with every other beat of the routine, is well thought out. I love it! 
Adam Hince
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